1. Werks 2006-2009 SOL/Sky 2.4L 5 spd ECM Re-flash

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    Price:  $200.00

    This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 17 Aug, 2006.
    The WERKS 2006-2009 2.4L Solstice/Sky ECM re-flash wakes your 2.4L up! Expect 10-15whp and 10-12ftlbs torque from our custom ECM re-flash service.

    Some other items included in the flash:

    Remove top speed limiter
    Raise rev limit according to modifications
    Remove torque management for lots more fun!
    Comprehensive fuel and ignition mapping
    Lower fan turn on temp
    Elimination of Power Enrichment delay

    Includes standard ground return shipping!

    When placing order a re-flash information sheet will be sent to you via e-mail or fax (for fax please include your fax number in the comments section). Please fill out completely and send along with your ECM to -

    Performance Autowerks, Inc. 12425 Rhea Dr. Suite A Plainfield, IL 60585

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